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Useful links

  1. (sgRNA design website)

  2. (GWAS Catalog)

  3. (Human cell landscape single cell RNA-seq database)

  4. (RNA granule database)

  5. (The drug gene interaction database)

  6. (Single cell analysis in the browser)

  7. (RNA-seq analysis)

  8. (Genome browser)

  9. (Drug target prediction)

  10. (Classification of protein families)

  11. (Website-based generation of PCA and heatmaps)

  12. (The human protein atlas)

  13. (CRISPR 101)

  14. (UCSC genome browser)

  15. (Matrix visualization and analysis software)

  16. (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)

  17.  (SNP report)

  18. (Database of structural and functional annotation for all proteins and genomes)

  19. (GO enrichment analysis)

  20. (Compendium of embryonic development for stem cell research and regenerative medicine)

  21. (Prediction of functional effects of human nsSNPs)

  22. (Single cell RNA-seq webinars)

  23. (String analysis)

  24. (AlphaFold protein structure database)

  25. (Single-cell atlas of the mouse embryonic heart)

  26. (WashU Epigenome Browser)

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