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Welcome to the Zhang lab ("C " lab)!


We are a group of young professionals who are dedicated to conducting high-quality cardiovascular research. We apply Fish! Philosophy in our lab by creating a fun and productive working environment with positivity.

We incorporate our lab philosophy: Creativity, Commitment, Critical-thinking, Collaboration, Confidence, and Communication into translational research using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cells and animal models coupled with innovative genetic and molecular technologies. Our team is fully committed to working together with interdisciplinary collaborators including biologists, stem cell scientists, physiologists, biomedical engineers, and clinicians to achieve a shared goal: continuously advancing cardiovascular precision medicine.

Lab Philosophy 



Critical Thinking.jpg






Creativity is the heart of successful research. Real creativity is built on knowledge. We need to broaden our knowledge and think outside the box to come up with creative ideas and test them, and then enjoy the Eureka moment.


Commitment is the key to success. We may encounter frustration, disappointment, and failure on the road to testing our creative ideas. To conquer these challenges, we need grit and full commitment which keep us going.


Critical thinking is one of the essential skills in research. Occasionally, what we see may not be real and what we read may not be true. We need to think independently and objectively and analyze the information carefully.


Collaboration spurs creativity and improves productivity. In biomedical research, nobody can solely complete all experiments in high-quality studies. We work as a team. We respect team members. We appreciate team members’ hard work.


Confidence allows us to present our work concisely and with clarity. Confidence gives us a “can do” attitude which is important in academic research.


Communication is the key to conveying a clear message and avoiding misunderstanding. It is an essential skill for researchers to disseminate their findings and a foundation for building greater trustful and respectful collaboration and improving teamwork. 

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